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DistantJob Podcast

Sep 28, 2019

Todd Werth is the CEO and Co-Founder of Infinite Red, a remote design and creative studio creating beautiful and functional mobile apps and websites. Todd has been creating software for 20 years and has founded three companies. He still codes and designs but not as often as he'd like.

In this podcast episode, Todd...

Sep 21, 2019

We've all heard about the numerous benefits of company retreats. But, how can your company make the most of it? Elisa Rueda, host and founder of The CoWork Experience shares some insights and advice for leaders looking to take their team on a retreat.

There's a difference between a cowork experience retreat and a cowork...

Sep 14, 2019

A big part of building a successful remote team relies on effective leadership management. In this episode, Luis talks to Sabina Nawaz about one of the many benefits of working remotely. She mentions how managing a remote team really broadens your perspective and helps you become a more comprehensive leader. Having a...

Sep 7, 2019

Angelique believes your company's culture should really reflect your purpose and values but how do you establish and implement that?

Writing down where you want to be or where you are right now, might be a good place to start. This could help you have a clear vision of your company.

There are different ways to build...